Internet mengubah corak perjalanan pengiklanan dan penjualan dalam dunia perniagaan. Ia juga bukti sebagai alat strategik yang paling efektif dan. ABSTRACT. The influence of advertisement on the marketing of goods has attracted many industrial psychologist to study it more closely. Based on review of . Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication Vol 34 Periklanan membantu “memindahkan nilai” dengan mewujudkan hubungan.

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All versions This version Views 47 47 Downloads 3, 3, Data volume Jurnal Komunikasi ; Malaysian Journal of Communication. On the other hand, another form of standardization, namely Asian standardization, has been found in the research findings as another strategic advertising form used by advertisers.

Antara faktor yang mempengaruhi keberkesanan iklan adalah i jenama; pengiklsnan imej barangan; iii pembungkusan barangan; iv muzik; v seks; dan iv wanita.

A good campaign will be able to have a major impact on consumer purchasing decisions. Email the author Login required.

They argued that all consumers of the world are motivated by the same wants and needs. Dengan memasukkan elemen-elemen psikologi, ia mampu mempengaruhi tingkah laku membeli pengguna.

The findings indicate that Malaysian television commercials have adopted mostly the local and global cultural identities in their advertising executions, as compared to foreign cultural identity. Axiata in Bogor with Slovin method, this research get respondents.

User Username Password Remember me. Abstract Internet mengubah corak perjalanan pengiklanan dan penjualan dalam dunia perniagaan. How to cite item. Research finding show that advertisements of tagline, models, repetitions, motivation, age, education, income, and group reference wholly influence significantly toward to the attitude of this products. Pengaruh iklan terhadap pemasaran barangan telah menarik minat ramai ahli psikologi industri untuk melihatnya dengan lebih dekat.


In fact, the glocal approach in their advertising creative is also prevalent. However, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the usage of any information obtained from this web site. Global brand is seen in the context of one product having the same brand name, with the same product design and the same advertising creative strategy being used and operated are as though there is only one single global market.

The differences between nations and cultures are ignored, and at certain circumstances, even being denied. This website has been updated to the best of our knowledge to be accurate.

Internet Advertising and Selling Strategies | Lloyd Tam | Jurnal Teknologi

Hatta, adalah penting untuk mengetahui objektif organisasi dan melaksanakan strategi yang paling wajar untuk mencapai kejayaan dalam dunia perniagaan hari ini, dan kemungkinan lebih lagi dalam abad baru. August 14, DOI: Indeed, it is proving to be the most effective and influential promotional tool of the century by reaching millions of people every minute.

The selection of respondents as an object of research related to customer of PT. Internet technology; World Wide Web; Electronic commerce.

Berdasarkan kajian-kajian lepas artikel ini membincangkan elemen-elemen psikologi dalam pengiklanan yang mempengaruhi pengguna untuk membeli barangan. To address this issue, television commercials are content analyzed in an attempt to examine how commercials in Malaysia tackled the issue, especially in balancing Western images and influences against the portraying of local identities.


ABSTRAK Pengaruh iklan terhadap pemasaran barangan telah menarik minat ramai ahli psikologi industri untuk melihatnya dengan lebih dekat. Hence, knowing the organisation objective s and implementing the most appropriate strategies are essential to gaining success in the business world today, and probably more in the new millennium. Abstract This study aims to analyzing the influence of television advertisement on the housewives attitude to the product. Natalia, Priccila ; Mulyana, Mumuh.

Abstract Globalization has created interdependence of cultures and countries from around the world. This issue has generated a large interdisciplinary debate among scholars, advertisers and practitioners themselves.

User Username Password Remember me. This suggests that sales promotion has a significant influence on positf and purchasing decisions.

Pengiklanan dan penampilan budaya tempatan

Axiata with a population of customers in the city of Bogor. In the context of advertising, globalization has influenced the national identity of a nation. One form of the right promotional mix used by telecom companies are advertising and sales promotion. The purpose of this study was to determine how consumer perceptions of advertising and sales promotions conducted by the company, the influence of advertising on purchase decisions and to determine the effect of sales promotions on purchase decisions.