Bhabani Bhattacharya () was born in Bhagalpur, part of the The Glory of Twilight is a story about Satyajit, who leads a happy and. Glory at Twilight In the opening story, Glory at Twilight, Bhattacharya brings to lightthe fact that human nature has blending of the traditional and the modern. Glory at Twilight7 85 Glory at Twilight Bhabani Bhattacharya d e h Look for these expression Look for these expressions in the story and guess the meaning.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Collected in Steel Hawk and Other Stories, they project a cross- section of life in India and abroad, and are Concerned with a deeper emotional meaning, conveyed through their widely individual dramas.

The Acrobats viewed symbolically, TheAcrobats is a typical example of theblending of tradition and modernity. The father is old, mature andexperienced, and embodies tradition in his nature, whereas the Boy is young and inexperienced, and represents modernity.

Just as modernity is the offspring of tradition, similarly, the Boy is the child of the father acrobat. Both are supplementary and complementary to each other, and Their life becomes as self-sufficient whole only when there is a complete Harmony between them. The father and the Boy live and perform their acrobatic featstogether. Notwithstanding their relationship and difference in their age, they live like true companions, and there is a deep understanding between them.

The father has undivided love for his child and the latter, too, has constant devotion to the former. Still there is a gap of age between the father and the Boy. The Boy is shocked and annoyed to see his father paying special attention to the young woman and neglecting Him. The spirit of companionship between them disappears.

The Boy grows silent and feels isolated, while the father remains engrossed in his own musings. In short, the old man and his offspring, the young boy, lose the harmony which existed between them earlier. The Boy sees his father and the woman ogling together daily and, at last, he cannot tolerate it any longer. In order to showhisunhappiness, he breaks the law of balance while performing upon the pole, and comes down with a thud.

His right leg is broken. He is taken to hospital in an unconscious state. When he gains consciousness in the hospital, he finds his father caressing his legs. He tells him that the mishap took place because of that young woman standing in the balcony.

There is a violent struggle in his mind, and at last, he decides to forsake the woman. Accompanied by the boy, he leaves the place for good. Thus he is again united with his son. With his strength of a lion, Father fought his battle. In the days and weeks that followed the Young woman in the balcony stood Leaning out over the brass rail for long Spells, watching the bend of the street With tremulous expectation.

She never Saw the acrobats again. I Actually this union of the father and the Boy signifies thesynthesis of traditionalism and modernism. The story suggests that the blending of two polarities is a necessity for a smooth and harmonious living.


The Acrobats is a subtle study in psychology. A father, who is a skilled acrobat, trains his motherless son in his profession. They give performances on the streets. The performance is given again and again in front of a particular house.

The next time they give the performance, the son takes revenge. In a rebellious mood, he relaxes his muscles deliberately on top of the pole, loses his balance and comes crashing down on the stonepavement. He luckily escapes death. The father learns his lesson and the acrobats are no more to be seen in this street. The story is told with great economy.

The deep attachment between father and son, thesadness and jealousy felt by the boy and their common respect for the memory of the dead mother are brought out with breath-taking force. Steel Hawk Perhaps the most remarkable and the powerful story in thecollection, Steel Hawk ,very emphatically highlights the blending of the old and the new, the ideal andthe real elements in Indian life today.

Grandma is the virtual symbol of synthesis. Since sheis countless years old, she represents the old, traditional outlook of the past. But she is not altogether rigid in her attitude towards the modern times. She has always been a great admirer of the new inventions of modern science.

In her early youth, shehad felt immensely happy at the sight of arailway engine, and had exclaimed: To see this I Must have earned merit by a hundred And one good deeds. Unable to move out because of gout, she asks her grandson, Bishan, to rush to the village pasture to have a good look at the Steel Hawk. Glory at Twilight In the opening story, Glory at Twilight, Bhattacharya brings to lightthe fact that human nature has blending of the traditional and the modern elements: Both these elements play a vital role in making human life a whole.

He shows the spirit of benevolence while deciding to help uncle Srinath even in his own lean times, and thus acts as an idealist. But at the same time, he is also well aware of the drab realities of life that he must face in future. Describing his predicament, Bhattacharya writes: But he could not deny the Old man altogether.

He must send some Help.

Analysis of The Glory of Twilight by James David on Prezi Next

He had pondered over the Amount. He had to ponder over each Rupee before he spent it. Pictures in the Fire Pictures in the Fireis a story dealing with the psychologicalanalysis of human nature. Bhabani Bhattacharya also uses it to express his ideasof integration.

Whenever the humdrum facts of the day-to-day life become oppressive to man, wishful thinking provides him with a respite, and temporarilydiverts his attention. But after a short while, man descends on earth and is again ready to face the hard challenges of life with renewed zeal and replenished faith. The same process goes on continuously throughout his life.

English Assignment: GLORY OF TWILIGHT

The foreigner, who happens to meet the author in a slit-trench during the World War days, is worried and tired. The frenzied look was unmistakable. Fancy makes him a celebrated writer. But he has no wish to enjoy his success. He acts selflessly and all that he crates goes in the name of his wife, Josephine Br own, who becomes very popular.


When the lady opposes it, he replies in the high sounding moral tone befitting anidealist: The hwilight Will have many good things to say About Josephine Br own. Wait and you will see! But even in his dream, he is unable to see himself undermined or ignored. His feet still tread the solid earth of actuality. The inherent realism comes to surface. Since he, too, is a human being, he also aspires for fame and fortune.

He thus makes a self-discovery and reflects: Perhaps that need had always Beenthere, unknown and dormant. He Had simply repressed it. Now it was Going to torture him. The sadness lifted quickly From his face and it broke into an Amused smile.

All at once he began tochuckle. A male monkey deliberately throws down on the ground and kills a baby monkey that is being fondly nursed by the mother, off clear The ground for his overtures.

The next day the mother is tdilight with the male brute apparently responding to his courtship. What she actually does is to tempt him to jump to and fro over a deep well several times.

When the most appropriate moment arrives, she leaps after him, grabs him when he is right over the middle and pulls him down along with her to a watery grave. Public Figure One of the stories, Public Figure, deals with an in cadent which isreproduced in Shadow from Ladakh with minor alternations. Bhattacharya refers to this incident in his book, Gandhi the Writer. Thus, Bhabani Bhattacharya acts in his short stories also, as abuilder of bridges between the two contrary, yet essential elements of life: He recognizes their dialectics, analyzes it, and then, suggests synthesis of the two.

Ghabani give us a glimpse of his personality, his awareness of the human predicament, his interest in what goes on in the inner chamber of the human mind and hisphilosophy of moderation and compromise.

NCERT Class XI English: Chapter 7 – Glory at Twilight

Steel Hawk and Other Stories. Hind Pockets Book Ltd. A Dream in Hawaii.

Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Ahmedabad. The society around us plays a pivotal role in shaping a person. The existence of an individual is in threat without a society. Deshpande presents a maturity at the thematic and technical level and also pictures an apprehended feminine awareness. Her stories focus on the psychology of middle – class Indian women.

They are a kind of self-analysis and a self- probe into the problems of a woman. She presents the orthodox Indian society which strangles the growth of a woman.

Her characters are receptive, mindful, brilliant and innovative.