View the profiles of professionals named George Tarabichi on LinkedIn. There are 4 professionals named George Tarabichi, who use LinkedIn to exchange. The latest Tweets from George Tarabichi (@GeorgeTarabich1): “ان قلبي ينزف دما على ما يجري في بلدي وأجد نفسي عاجزا عن الكلام”. It is difficult to read the works of Abdallah Laroui, Mohammad Arkoun, Mohammad al-Jabri and Georges Tarabichi and not get affected by them.

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Iconic Arab thinker Georges Tarabichi dies at 77 – Books – Ahram Online

I keep some feeling of optimism because I believe in the existence of factors that invite to optimism, despite that there are factors that outweigh optimism. Nashat Nimer marked it as to-read Sep 07, Dialogue — Alsharq Alawsat Newspaper. Here we note a simple paradox: He describes the obstacles that confront the modern Arabic renaissance thought in his dialogue with Alhayat newspaper as follows, The modern Arabic renaissance project has developed under a heavy effect of colonialism in our area… Consequently, the renaissance intellectual had to build and deconstruct himself at the same time.

He also narrates how he became interested in the works of Sigmund Freud, which greatly influenced him. What I found in the history of Islam equals if not greatly exceeds such a Biblical discriminative sentence between God and Caesar… There is at least fifteen narratives that assert such a discriminative orientation between the world and the ‘hereafter’, between matters of the real world which is the subject of knowledge of people and matters of the hereafter which is the subject of knowledge of God…I say all of this as a response to the orientalist view which purports to keep the Islamic world outside the modern history, and states that it has no entrance to such modernity due to religious reasons… For, Islam throughout its entire history has known the duality of the world and the hereafter, and the duality of state and religion, the kingship and prophecy… secularism in the meaning of differentiation between these two levels is not new for Islam.

The Problematic of the Arabic reason, P. Due to all of this, an essential change occurred, especially that all of this followed the defeat ofand the proliferation of extremism and violence in the name of Islam.

In his book “the Arab intellects and heritage: What makes Georges Tarabichi great? They undo the pause that we apply on our minds and revive the questions that we always wanted to ask.

As a result of war such a complex has turned out to be a collective tarzbichi, which forced us to search for compromise in fantasies that don’t exist.


From one side, he studies his relation to what is termed the ‘Eastern philosophy’, and proves at the end that such a philosophy has no objective basis. We may also add a previous work by Aljabri titled “We and the Heritage” to that project. From the Middle East to Lausanne: He describes the obstacles that confront the modern Arabic renaissance thought in his dialogue with Alhayat newspaper as follows.

He worked as a manager of Damascus broadcastand chief editor of the magazine “Arabic Studiesand chief editor of the magazine “the Unity” Send to a friend Close.

Jordanian anger at MP calling for including tarabici in amnesty law. He began his career as a print journalist, covering politics and culture for the Saudi newspapers Okaz, Al-Riyadh and Al-Watan. He couldn’t overcome colonialism, nor he could build a real intellectual critical renaissance thought… For me, I have discovered later on that we are in urgent need to criticism… But I discovered also that a self-defense mental complex has been formed in gworge unconsciousness as a result of the colonial period, and that such a complex increases by time.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He depicts such a view as ideological and geoge from any historical reality. Najat added it Dec 13, Zeinab Bsharat added it Oct 29, For, the messenger is human, and this is a major value for Islam, in contrast with other religions, which geogre prophets Gods, such as what happened in Christianity when it made Christ God. This text uncovers the central teleology that commands Aljabri’s project of Critique of tarabicbi Arabic reason: Tarabishi was born in Halab, Syria, he earned a license in Arabic language, and a Masters degree in education from Damascus University.

Therefore, he refutes one of the basic evidences that Aljabri introduces to support his thesis of the ‘irrational Eastern Arabic Reason’. His vision is that such a condition didn’t realize until now, and it is not expected to realize in the near future.

Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English’s point-of-view. On the whole, Tarabishi sees that such a project doesn’t deserve the title ‘Critique of the Arabic reason’ and that Aljabri has aborted such an aim. Therefore, he defends strongly his concept about secularism in Islam from the heart of the Islamic traditional thought itself.

From this point came my interest of the project of the Moroccan thinker Muhammad Abed Aljabri, who were the first to introduce the notion of the ‘Critique of the Arabic reason’, purporting for it to be an epistemological critique, using modern methodologies. Thank you for your feedback. Alsharq Alawst Newspaper dialogue, Jan. Dawn added it Sep 08, Though he critiqued Al-Jabiri’s works, Tarabichi always spoke of his debt to Al-Jabiri, saying that he “transferred my thinking from the Western ideology to the Arab and Islamic legacy … He enchanted me with the problematic issues he raised … I wish if I had continued writing everything I wanted to write about his project during his life … it is disturbing to be in a dialogue with someone who departed this life … He moved me from ideology to epistemology.


But the authority of the Arabic culture is still crowned by the authority of religion. Trump slowing down troop pullout from Syria. Due to the failure of our ‘modernizing’ project, and the failure of ‘our revolution’, which was successful only in burning itself and us, in addition to the plangent fall of the ideologies which followed our discovery of the scandal that plagued Marxism through governing in its name for about three quarters of a century.

There is a need for us to recognize that we, as a nation, possess the most comprehensive heritage in comparison with the other nations of the world. Therefore, he calls for brave ‘archeological’ studies that uncover the roots of the phenomenon of the inflation of the ‘Hadith’.

Translator, Critic, and Scholar Georges Tarabichi, 77

He utilized the tools of ‘Psychoanalysis’ in his critical works of both the Arabic novel and the Arabic culture. He concludes that “this verse should be understood in the context of the previous two verses, and hence should include Al-Torah beside the Holy Qur’an as a source of such ‘verdict’, which contradicts the understanding of political Islam.

When talking about the Syrian thinker and researcher George Tarabishi, one should take a long stand in front of his major accomplishments in the field of thought. Not only that, but also he founds such a position on the texts of the Holy Qur’an itself, and the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad Al-Sunnah [Sunnah is the second source of jurisdiction in Islam, after the Holy Qur’an], as well as the activities of the early Muslims.

And I fear that we enter the end of the century with prevailing invitations to get out of it, and I think that this is a major paradox in our current Arabic culture.