Accompanied by a loyal cadre of warriors and kin, Mona Lisa enters her territory of Louisiana for the first time. She slowly learns the erotic and. : El florecer de Mona Lisa / Mona Lisa Blossoming (Monere, los hijos de la luna / Monere: Children of the Moon) (Spanish Edition). Buy El florecer de Mona Lisa / Mona Lisa Blossoming Monere, los hijos de la luna / Monere: Children of the Moon TRA with fast shipping and top-rated customer.

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These things worked well in the Anita Blake books, simply because Laurell K. So if you aren’t interested in that then don’t read it.

Having read two books, so far, I think her mimicry of Anne Bishop will eventually fade into the background, but her mimicry of Laurell K. I was happy that Gryphon died. There is some serious quality time with Prince Halcyon which is always a bonus.

Haven’t decided if I’ll continue this series, or not. There is a lot of sex. No one wants someone so powerful around who can change everything that the Monere has ever known and bring a race into a new beginning. The other is the overly flowery way she writes.

Mar 15, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: I say uncomfortable because Lisa stumbles through the introductions and has her people really unsure what to expect from her because even she doesn’t know what she should do.

I dunno, it seems to me there would be no such thing as a rare florefer in this world, except the book’s Sue-ish protagonist is constantly discovering she has multitudes of unique and rare skills, so clearly someone is being sexually selfish.

She falls in love at the drop of a hat. I was hoping for a lot more than Sunny gave to us. You can’t write a sex scene and use the words tree and rod to describe the male interests penis. I was rather upset that one of the male love interest got killed.


To ask other readers questions about El florecer de Mona Lisaplease sign up. Quotes from Mona Lisa Blossoming.

I loved the new Mona Lisa. I wasn’t quite fond of Gryphon. I didn’t think the first book was all that great, it seemed to be echoing the Meredith Gentry series too much. I’ve decided Gryphon’s gift doesn’t remind me of Jean-Claude’s ardeur, it reminds me of Requiems gift of metaphysical foreplay.

Then I guess you’ve read this serie In this installment in the Monere series, Mona Lisa is finally claiming her territory in Louisiana.

Hopefully he’ll make a comeback in the later books. Lists with This Book. Her reign is threatened by enemies old and new, and she is ensnared in the thrall of dark forces she cannot deny. Overall, I give this book a low three stars.

El florecer de Mona Lisa / Mona Lisa Blossoming

Though I look forward to seeing where the series goes, it is darkly erotic. Aug 10, Lisa X rated it really liked it Shelves: I love you so much! What gets me also is since Mona Lisa is the Queen therefore every single solitary male on Earth wants her. It’s a good second book, and I do want to read what happens next.

Mona Lisa Blossoming

That was a positive for this series in my mind. They love her on the spot- she doesn’t even have to do anything to deserve the love, it’s all thrown at her just because she exists. I read Mona Lisa Awakening just yesterday and so my memory is very fresh with the scenes that played out in book 1. But, floreer she kills him off or lksa else close to Mona Lisa’s heart I don’t lisz if I’ll be able to keep reading the series.

This was an overall good book, but I will admit I skimmed through the parts where Sunny recites what happened in book 1. Liisa is still growing into herself and her new role, developing her abilities and learning to control them.


However, It is so dark and violent that I may take a break before reading the next book and read something light hearted. This book is ttly ridonkulousbut if sex-vampires from the moon sounds good to you, then presumably you won’t mind. It includes such strong comparisons that you are regularly kicked out of the story.

Read or Download Mona Lisa Blossoming (Monere Series #2) free pd – taitiothamunch –

This one was interesting to me. Mona Lisa Awakening just kind of threw in random things as it went along, such as having flirecer Prince of Hell show up. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a twisting plot, romance and action.

It is common for a Queen to take many lovers but Mona only wants her two, but the pull to mate with others is still there, but the human part of her cannot just give in f,orecer their Monere ways.

More than I want to admit to myself. I know mons sounds really stupid, but I’ll continue. And I knew that this second book would be better than the first. Mar 24, Ivonne rated it liked it.

I still have probs with the way her first person pov is written with the feel of a third person pov. Children of the Moon 2 by Sunny. I read the first one back in the summer, and it was so forgettable that I didn’t even remember owning this. Is there really any love there at all? Halcyon and a few others show up This story was lias This is the 3rd story of the Monere series and I have really enjoyed this series.

All I can say is that I think this one was a little bit better than the first book.