“Coupland writes a sparkling sentence and a mean epigram.”—Entertainment Weekly “Coupland has crafted a formidable pop style that hooks up dead-on. Liz Dunn is fat, lonely and has no friends. That sounds harsh, but Coupland faces unpleasant facts head on in this poignant, funny, intrepidly offbeat new novel. Emily Nussbaum reviews book Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland; drawing (M ).

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That’s quite charming in most cases, but I just don’t follow it here.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It was like watching the seconds tick by until, as Jeremy and Pink Floyd both pointed out to me, I was shorter of breath and one day closer rigyb death. Once you’re past thirty you lose that ability; instead of feeling sorry for yourself you turn bitter. But the morbid chatter in Dunn’s narration becomes monotonous.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Dunn’s dark musings on human nature can be compelling.

This sounds macabre, but how many of us quietly do this — treat our lives like time-coded dairy products on the fridge’s middle shelf, silently fermenting beside a doomed bag of lettuce?

I love that at one point I found myself saying,”What?!

Amazing grace

And i like to believe after so many years of uneventful life, Liz was due a big dumping of eventful events From that moment forward, Liz decides to go with the flow. And the story threw me: Ding-Dongs and gin, douglad screens, a “Kleenex box full of already nostalgic Polaroid snapshots”.

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And then we come to the ending, which is, for me, the least satisfactory part of the book. On the other hand, at least in a crowd you have a chance, however slim, of meeting that cosmic douglxs whose presence will still your fevered lonely brain. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Eleanor Rigby: A Novel: Douglas Coupland: Bloomsbury USA

Eleanor Rigby, his latest novel, has the recognisable Coupland elexnor voice; gently banal, slightly numbed-out, a discursive first person trying to make sense of a surreal world. However, I’d say pick three of his and leave it at that. And I won’t forget the soap opera plot anytime soon, nor the lovely realism about the way people act — sometimes rationally and sometimes in a leap of faith.

The author did a splendid job on describing loneliness but I don’t know what to make of this story otherwise. And again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it should have. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Eleanor Rigby (novel) – Wikipedia

Aug 30, Heather rated it really liked it. From this experience, she becomes pregnant with Jeremy, who is put up for adoption, and goes in and out of foster families for much of his young life.

His references to things, places and events work together to create an incredibly strong sense of time and place. Dialogue rolls off the page in crisp sound bytes packed with wry humor and witty banter. I don’t know if that’s a sign I’m afraid I’ve long since passed my peak of patience with Douglas Coupland.

I’m afraid I’ve long since passed my peak of patience with Douglas Coupland. The thing is, though, I should have.

I wanted it to sing to me. By turns funny and heartbreaking, Eleanor Rigby is a fas Eleanor Rigby is the story of Liz, a self-described drab, overweight, crabby, and friendless middle-aged woman, and her unlikely reunion with the charming and strange son she gave up for adoption. Melissa McArthy was Liz in my head While I admire that the book doesn’t soft peddle this, and Coupland is an author who’s Often times when I go to the library sales, I often find something I would never read on my own and get a pleasent surprise.


Coupland began the s giving the name to Generation X with his bestselling first novel. The narrator is Liz Dunn, a pragmatic, sharp-tongued, utterly lonely woman who receives a phonecall which, for a little while, changes everything.


Just as Liz makes a quiet decision to seek peace in her life rather than certainty, along comes another comet, in the form of a young man admitted to the local hospital with her name and number inscribed on his Medic Alert bracelet: So it was a nice break from heavier reading.

Maybe I should talk about the book. The first part of the novel, narrated by Liz, jumps between these two moments, constantly reminding the reader that these are moments in the past. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here One of my biggest problems is time sickness. Is this the way it has to be with loneliness?

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Eleanor Rigbyhowever, shoots off like a Roman candle just wet enough to disappoint. I’ve heard it before but this said it differently and I appreciate that.

A multiple sclerosis patient has supernatural visions and helps tough doutlas lonely Liz Dunn, the eponymous Eleanor Rigby, get over her deathwish. And even these are routine, predictable affairs: This site uses cookies. Doug,as of past Coupland novels will find nothing odd, and indeed a modicum of promise, in this summary.