PREV. All Products · Plasma Systems · ICNC Control · Plasma Cutting – Handheld · Plasma Cutting – Mechanized · Torches · Plasma – Accessories. NEXT . Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 Plasma System, SL60 Torch, 75 Deg Head, 20 ft Leads, Multi-volt/phase, V, 1 Ph – Arc Welding Accessories. Comes complete with: Cutmaster 82 plasma cutter; 1Torch with ATC Quick Disconnect and 20 Foot Lead; Spare Parts Kit; Input Power Cable; 20 Foot Work .

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The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 does not have a built in compressor. If you do not have a manual you can contact Thermal Dynamics directly at It would require going into the machine and changing over some input links. This is my 3rd shop and my first time with this brand. The miller did not see hard use as it was a field machine but it was good.

An economically priced great piece of equipment. My first hypertherm was awesome, my second one was problems all the time.

Not to mention you probably will not find a better price from any reliable source. Great piece of equipment. I am looking to purchase one of these, and I see it cuttmaster 72A of input current with single phase.


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 Plasma Cutter w/20 ft Torch 1-1130-1

I use this to cut everything cumaster scrap metals to thick steel plates. Cyberweld had a great price and shipping and tracking were better then most! I am a fab shop so I plan to put this to hard work. The owners manual covers this in depth.

Usually ships the next business day Bushing for Cutmaster Has plenty of cutting power and then some.

It should be able to run on your 15 kw generator however you would have to dial down the output to the 50 or 60 amp range so you would not be able to get the rated thickness cut. Harris Specialty Gas Regulators.

What is the country of cutmastsr on the cutmaster 82? So cumaster I am very happy. It requires an air compressor that can provide 6. But when you need that extra punch, you can be confident that it’s there. Spoolguns and Wire Feeders. I would strongly recommend using clean dry and regulated shop air to get the 882 from your consumables. TheThermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 can be converted from 1 phase to 3 phase power. Usually ships the next business day Length: What size generator is required to operate the 82 cutmaster plasma cutter?

Cons costly consumables – but I feel good performance is worth a additional few dollars every few months in consumable cost. I have heard mixed answers on this. Clean- clean air is the key to long lasting consumables and I don’t save a penny to spend a dollar. Welding Tables And Workbenches. We have a 15KW but it shows not enough power.


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 Plasma Cutter w/20 ft Torch

Makes nice clean cuts over and over. Cutmster a lot of use yet but it is quite and strikes a good clean cut even on old pipe. We do a lot of machining cutmaater own a waterjet and so our air is very clean, and I still added the optional filter. I have had a miller spectrum plasma and hypertherm’s. This conversion is covered in the owners manual. Bushing for Cutmaster Nice machine and I picked the right place to buy from!

Usually ships the next business day. I chose this machine because of price point and bang for buck. There’s one set of consumable parts for the entire range of machines, cuymaster extensions of up to ft Carts, Running Gear and Trailers.

Cyberweld havebeen very helpfull with questions I’ve had. Does this unit need to be hard wired or does it come equipped with a plug?

Can the cutmaster 82 plasma cutter be converted from 1 phase to 3 phase and if so, need instructions on how to do it.