TransAtlantic: A Novel [Colum McCann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • LONGLISTED FOR THE. TransAtlantic is a novel by Colum McCann, published in June Based upon the book, Colum wrote the lyrics for Clannad’s song “TransAtlantic”, released. In TransAtlantic, National Book Award-winning Colum McCann has achieved an outstanding act of literary bravura. Intricately crafted, poetic and deeply affecting.

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See all reviews. It starts with three separate moments of history—famous people, celebrated events—but then goes on to show the history behind the history, the stories of ordinary people, forming a seamless web of living on which the great moments rest.

In a few paragraphs, you’ll feel as though you understand the essence of who those two pilots are. When I go to church, I am met by no upturned nose and scornful lip to tell me, ‘We don’t allow niggers in here! He uses short, concise yet powerfully descriptive sentences. Unlike most American books dealing with Ireland, this one is extraordinarily fair-minded in dealing with the North, where I grew up.

Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. And the next, and on and on. Part Three wraps the book up with a very personal story that was one of the truest and most heartbreaking of stories that I have ever read in fiction. Books by Colum McCann. In writing about the women, I felt like they were partly correcting a little corner of history. I wish I knew! Thirty-eight years old now, half her life a mother herself. She lives in Maine and New York City. I opened the book, reading about Alcock and Brown, at the time my own jetliner was flying over Newfoundland, on its way over Ireland to Scotland, where I wrote my original review.


Senator George Mitchell criss-crosses the ocean in search of an elusive Irish peace. I’ve read comparisons with David Mitchell’s structure for Cloud Atlasbut TransAtlantic remains much more contained and personal, because of family ties and McCann’s interweaving of characters from section to section.

Is this feature helpful? In Cork he also meets Lily, a maid, who becomes the progenitor of the Ehrlich family that will eventually report on the flight of Alcock and Brown inand continue throughout the later parts of the novel. What would happen to the novel if the sections concerning the women were woven directly into the stories of the men?

Without hesitation I declare this book wonderful. Our time machine starts with the flyers Alcott and Brown being motivated to do something positive with their bomber plane and experiences of the war.

TransAtlantic Reader’s Guide

I’m afraid to continue with that parody of McCann because I’m afraid of getting sued for plagiarism. I nthe abolitionist Frederick Douglass, born a slave and then transatlantc technically the chattel of a Maryland landowner, arrived in Ireland.

The weight of words, and the appreciation of the meaning they bear.

Might even make a good novel. I think something got lost her in the broad historical sweep. Go to a WWF show, Colum, and watch the women in the audience exhort violence. On an international lecture tour in support of his subversive autobiography, Frederick Douglass finds the Irish people sympathetic to the abolitionist cause—despite the fact that, as famine ravages the countryside, the poor suffer from hardships that are astonishing even to an American slave. In the last section I was still not quite sure who the lady was and what all the fuss was about the letter.


Transatlantic begins with a breathtaking, beautiful and utterly compelling account of the first transatlantic plane flight.

Douglass led me into the book. This crowdedness weakens the novel in almost every way. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

The people we instinctively know could be great friends, before we even can claim to know them, carry a compatible rhythm we immediately recognize. When the two aviators take off, a local photographer, Lottie Erlich, persuades Brown to hand-carry a letter written by her mother Emily to a family in Cork.

And then things took a sharply disappointing turn, at least for me. No beginning, no end. By the end, it was these four generations of women that moved me most of all. Here, the stories are spread over the course of years and are connected by the titular theme transat,antic transatlantic crossings and four generations of women from the same family.

TransAtlantic by Colum McCann

He skillfully interweaves historical events into fiction. What she dreads is a thump on the floor, or a falling against the banisters, or worse still a tumble down the stairs.

All three stories are historical fiction with the major events all being factual.