Download: BMX AMI customer terminal block label – Modicon M Characteristics. BMXAMI analog input module M – 4 inputs – high speed. Main. Range of product. Modicon M automation platform. The BMX AMI module is a high-level analogue input module with 4 isolated inputs (16 bits). Used with sensors or transmitters, it performs monitoring.

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Inside of New Models.

Exercises. Analog module – online presentation

Microprocessor based power system protection numerical relays. Placement and routing guidelines for Power Electronics Devices.

M4 – modicon m This module offers the following ranges for each input,according to the selection made at configuration: Analog output module Module available in the launch L12A. Analog modules are standard format modules, this offer is made up of one output Input module: It offers the following ranges for each output: Maximum in the range It has the following functions: BMX FCA xx0 Supply, channel by channel, the 4 to 20 mA sensors with a protected 24 V voltage, limited in current to 25 mA, while maintaining isolation between the channels.


In the first scan time we obtain the value read in one scan time of the module. Ch2 Ch3 System Ch0 Ch1 Ch2 2 Like the cycles are not synchronized, not all channel information will be read in the scan PLC scan time smi be long enough to read all the channels used.

In this case in the Channels be: Nmx module give three methods of Cold junction compensation. It is possible to increase the precision of the compensation by using a 3-wire Pt probe directly connected to channel 0 on the module or connected to the TELEFAST terminal blocks. Channel 0 is thus dedicated to the cold junction compensation of channels 1, 2 and 3. It amii equally possible, to maintain channel 0 as a thermocouple input by using a 2wire Pt probe.

M4 – modicon m340. Аналоговое решение

The wiring would then look like this: Why we need a cold junction compensation with the thermocouple? A thermocouple is made with the association with two metallic conductor This association provide a FEM according with the temperature.


What is the difference between: In In this this case case the current 2 wires we use the 3 generator same wireand for: Fr We use or not the channel.