Bluecoats The quintessential “modern” drum break in my opinion. And while technically not DCI, this is the most insane quad break. I actually really like the drum break in Cadets closer. . BD 97 (tenor solo was nuts) cavies , bluecoats , blue knights I’m wanting to create a video of the “Top 10” Drum Breaks since , Cadets , Bluecoats , Cavaliers , and Phantom

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Posted May 9, edited. All personal fundraising pages will be removed.

Posted May 9, Low-key, but a really tasty. Spencersnare Offline ramming bluecoays. Insane notes that all gelled with each part of the battery. I probably saw that show live at least 10 time including Finals. Uneducated brass player opinion, the snare feature in Crown’s closer is super badass and I love how much energy it gives to the final push of the show. Mon May 11, 1: I’d completely disagree with BD I’m wanting to create a video of the “Top 10” Drum Breaks sinceand I would like everyones opinion.

I miss the non-Yea! All personal fundraising pages will be removed. There’s quite a few, but the two I’ve listened to more than any others besides my total immersion in Blue Stars music would be Cadets and Cavies Sign in Already have an account? So please, give the year, the corps, and the reasoning. Even though I’m a mello, hearing a snare line throw down gets me more hype than anything else.


There have been much much better lines. What are your favorites?

What’s Your Favorite Drum Break/Percussion Feature? : drumcorps

BD 97 tenor bluecoqts was nuts caviesbluecoatsblue knights love the pipe drumming it was cool Madison 97 with the sword fight on the cymbal rack. Phantom Brutes ramming notes so fast and hard its like cray: Can’t go wrong with Vanguard and Cadets Mon May 11, 3: I actually really like the drum break in Cadets closer.

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D Thanks Btw, my bluevoats are Cavaliers Gotta love that drill! Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. The Cavaliers gets my vote.

Subscribe topic Print view. Partial credit given for Cadets. I didn’t think about that Nah, they srum far from finished creating legendary shows. That means show titles, repertoire, rehearsal videos, etc. Turns out I had accidentally deleted an “m” at the end of the url. Submit a new link. I’m thinking separate thread in tenor and bass forum, possibly?

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I think they’ll completely recover and find their true roots again, probably fielding some kick-ass shows dru, the coming years. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Maybe not, but it all gelled well enough to create a show with some truly beautiful moments. Can’t go wrong with Vanguard Man, those X-Men Mark Thurston lines were killers!

Continued harassment will result in being banned. The whole corps was a really interesting mix. Blew all their minds.

Best drum breaks? : drumcorps

No registered users and 2 guests. Please refrain from asking the community about one’s ability to march with any given medical complication. SpaceJam Offline ramming notes. Their buses were 20 years old.

The entire book is its own break, it’s incredible. Those kick drums add a lot of punch to the line. Cavaliers was awesome.