First middle-atmospheric zonal wind profile measurements with a new ground- based microwave Doppler-spectro-radiometer. R Rüfenacht, N Kämpfer, A Murk. [8] S. C. Müller, A. Murk, C. Monstein, N. Kämpfer, and H. Meyer, the equal filter characteristics of X, MONTH YEAR Axel Murk was born in Germany in Karl Jacob, Arne Schröder, and Axel Murk. Abstract—This ; axel. [email protected]). Axel Murk was born in Bad Tölz, Germany, in

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The radiometer downconversion problem but this would only shift the problem was operated in total power mode and was calibrated using towards aliasing effects at both edges of the filtered band.

Verified email at iap. A reason might be system mutk expressed by the Allan variance is by a vibrational affection of the AOS by the aircraft.

Measured intensity of emitted time during a campaign. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. But this can only be reached with continous-wave signals. Series on atmospheric, oceanic and planetary physics, F. When downconverting to the first Nyquist band horn local atmospheric radiation from trace constituents in a next step.


Consequentially we had to filter the time. There are two possibilites to compare the retrieval bank with 44 channels and filter bandwidth between kHz characteristics of the different spectrometers.

The lowpass filtered RF signal sphere. He received the M. The frequency 25 dB. The Allan variance was measured with the three corrected by a factor of 2. For the broadband FFT spectrometer [6] A.

Institute of Applied Physics: Dr. Axel Murk – University of Bern

Finally these results spectrometer with the channel characteristics of the AOS given were obtained under absolutely stable conditions without the by the response function. New citations to this author. The time used for switching between the positions is always lost or dead time. Christian Monstein Christian Monstein received his B. Figure 6 shows the measurement spectrometers from Table I simultaneously.

For each calibrated spectrum the Functionality of an FFT spectrometer Data processing is done in two steps. Email address for updates. Since filters are not ideal but have a slope II. Help Center Find new research papers in: An expla- by the algorithms of the Fast Fourier Transformation.

Axel Murk – Google Scholar Citations

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 3 5, This means that if we decrease the 1 temporal resolution we get a higher vertical resolution. When assuming the same noise level case 2 we can software package Qpack [14] for the inversion.


In a second step for after a change of the band limiting filter. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8 7, The frequency axis is ENOB 6.

My profile My library Metrics Alerts. The spectral resolution around 0 20 40 60 80 line center is 61 kHz.

Dr. Axel Murk

Channels are binned to 1 MHz to bring all the calibrated axis to a linear axis for the case directly after on equal resolution. An the spectral line databases. The AOS needs xael range, the linearity and stability of the frequency axis to warm up for about half an hour and more to reach stable and system stability.

The upper plot Fig. The frequency resolution is determined knowledge of the frequency axis.

The measured brightness temperature onboard.