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Thus, a number of authors stress that facial profile analyses obtained using the NHP should be more reliable, with anterior-posterior corrections consistent with the patient’s habitual image; this is especially true for patients who are in ortodkncia growth phase.

While aflas were cases in which the NHP did not vary with the use of cephalostat Fig 3there were also cases in which the mean values were different between the two photo sessions initial and after 15 days Fig 4.

Another alternative would be to attach the string to the light box. An adjustable device on the anterior portion of the structure parallel to floor contained a red cotton string 0.

To know how to use and work with the diagnostic tools essential to the elaboration of an orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Based on the protocol of the present study, the researcher did not interfere in the positioning of the patient, as the intention of the study was to observe the reproducibility of the NHP in children.

The NHP is a standardized, reproducible position, with the head in an upright posture and eyes focused on a point in the distance at eye level such that the visual axis is horizontal. A similar situation occurred when the photographs were taken without the use of the cephalostat, with some cases exhibiting no significant differences between photo sessions Fig 5 and others exhibiting considerable variation Fig 6.


Table 2 displays the absolute angular differences between T1 and T2 for the photos taken with and without the cephalostat. Providing theoretical and practical foundations necessary to the orthodontic clin practice, enabling them, as future generalist dentists, to identify, diagnose and treat orthodontic problems using removable and functional appliances.

A digital camera Nikon Coolpix was used in manual mode, with aperture value F 4. The digital photographs were unaltered, stored and printed. Tratado de Odontopediatria I e II.

A watt incandescent light bulb GE was installed in the box, positioned 68 cm from the patient. The operator was limited to giving the instructions orally. RESULTS Table 1 displays the results of the measurements made with and without the cephalostat and with a day interval between the photo sessions. There were no statistically significant differences between first and second measurements, as determined by the paired Student’s t-test.

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The Atlzs horizontal as a basis for cephalometric analysis. Head posture and cephalometric analyses: Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg.

The importance of the reproducibility of the NHP is justified by the fact that facial analysis is essential to orthodontic diagnoses. The box was lined with aluminum foil on the sides, black TNT fabric on the posterior portion and a white TNT fabric on the anterior portion.

Moreover, the children reported discomfort caused by the ear d.

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Figure 1 illustrates the arrangement of the equipment used for the photography. Simple technique to achieve a natural head position for cephalography. At this time, the first photograph was taken T1 with cephalostat. Siersbaek-Nielsen S, Solow B.


A vertical line VL was used as reference for the measurements. Pre-clinical Unit 3 Year 3.

Essentials of facial growth. The natural head position NHP is considered the most appropriate reference for orthodontic diagnoses and the planning of treatment.

Pre-clinical Unit 3

Intra- and interexaminer variability in head posture recorded by dental auxiliaries. It would therefore be ideal to take repeated photos in order to certify that the patient is in the NHP. The use of the mirror promotes better reproducibility regarding this position when compared with images obtained without the aid of a mirror.

There are two methods for obtaining the NHP. Facial keys to orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Three-year reproducibility of natural head position: Although positional variations have suggested that patients in this age group should receive additional orientation on NHP photographs, atpas were no significant differences in the NHP within a day interval with or without the aid of a cephalostat.

Reproducibility of the NHP between both photograph sessions was evaluated using an angular measurement between the reference vertical line and a profile line passing through the soft pogonion and the upper lip point. These structures were adjustable in the horizontal and vertical directions for the correct adaptation to the patient’s ears. Ortodonia tissue cephalometric analysis: