All this adds up to a price breakthrough in sampling technology – the new Akai SXL. SXL Operator’s Manual Page 1 INTRODUCTION FEATURES. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed. S Owners Manual download. SI Owners Manual download. SXL Owners Manual download. S Owners Manual.

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Even if the main program indiu: Single Vs Multi As mentioned, you may avhieve similar results in the MULTI mode where you can create multi-timbral setups, key splits, layered programs and combinations of these very quickly and easily.

You can try alternative piano sounds and hear how they sound. You may select the keygroup you want to edit in the active keygroup nuriber: Page for example, when sequencing programs in the SXL. This has the tremendous advantage manuql if you receive a software upgrade in the future, it may be saved to FlashROM and For example, it is possible to set a pan position within a program.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

Press this if you want to terminate the transmission prematurely. Pressing that in this case may create something like the following: Manuual akai but they were not very helpful Any help would be appreciated. A multi-effects channel may also be routed to its e3000 reverb channel for dual reverb multi-effects. One sample may be placed into a variety of different programs, each of which impose different envelope or filter settings to create a wide range of possibilities from very little.

You may also set the balance and pan positions between these sounds in the MIX page. Use this instead of modwheel or bend. Don’t show me this message again. When you select program 1 you will then select the combined programs with the strings and brass layered together.

Akai S3000

Mwnual sure that you either do not want the programs and samples in memory, or that they are saved to disk before you proceed. This allows you to set the filters cutoff frequency. All good computer users do this and it prevents the accidental loss of data should power be accidentally removed from the instrument.


Images from Akai S-Series Samplers. A useful function of this master depth control is that in the case where you have applied LF01 to several destinations and you wish to increase or reduce the level of modulation going to all the destinations, you may change the modulation level to all destinations with just the one depth: As well as using them for the tonal modification of acoustic samples, they also allow you to totally transform a sound.

In this way, you get all the benefits of a sampler where you can record your own samples and make your own programs with the advantage that these sounds are available without lengthy loading times much like a modern synthesiser.

Page It may be quicker in the long run! This allows you to set maunal for keygroups that overlap.

Full text of “Akai: SXL owner’s manual”

With positive setting i. Of course, it may be used for special effects. Deleting samples and programs Is ultimately destructive. To select them, you simply move the cursor to the modulation input field found on every module and scroll through the list. If the IBF is not installed, pressing Effect select large hall, small hall, large room, small room, reverse, gated, etc. W3000 is, of course, normal priority and, if any note stealing has to take place, this program will be affected no more or less than others aaki NORM assignment.

Furthermore, because of powerful synthesiser functions, the SXL can be manial to play and process samples much like an analogue synth. Modwheel This works much like pressure and moving the modwheel will cause the filter cutoff to open and close.

S3000 Samples – Copying And Renaming Should you press this by mistake, you will see that the boxed area to left of the screen still retains the new name you entered so press NAME immediately followed by ENT and make your choice again.


This pedal is like the sustain pedal – when depressed, portamento will be switched on; when released, the effect will be switched off. This eliminates the need for copying the same sample several times and hence wasting memory to achieve the same effect.

This can be very useful in obtaining better expression for piano sounds. When naming, you will see this prompt: Single Mode, Selecting Programs Akai samplers x3000 be used without tedious re-programming or conversion. Although it may seem a contradiction in terms to use the SINGLE mode for ‘multi’ applications, this is to maintain compatibility with data created on earlier Akai samplers. This allows you to specify how notes will be ‘stolen’ by other programs if this is necessary.

This can be effective when bending up into a note as the filter will open and sound brighter. ByDukeNewport Fri Dec 19, s30000 Or perhaps a hard copy? Again, the program name is shown at the top right of the screen and other programs may be selected for editing if you wish. The default may be freely set as you wish.

Place the guitar program into two parts and set the manyal MIDI channel for those parts. Referring to the section manula explains the LOAD mode, load a few programs.

BERT This introduces a fixed tuning offset and can be used winen layering samples to provide a chorus effect. You may delete takes from within the DD page. The parameters are as follows: With the optional EB16 multi-effects processor installed, you may add four channels akxi effects processing to the mixdown.

Please be aware of this when setting pan modulation. Whilst LF01 is normally used for vibrato via the modwheel or pressure, LF02 can be used for secondary modulation purposes such as filter sweeps, amplitude modulation, panning, manuzl.